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Welcome to McNeil Global Law, a Minneapolis-based law firm focused on international commerce. The firm welcomes issues of general business law, but its special benefit to clients is in the area of international commerce. Today's business crosses the U.S. border increasingly often, and McNeil Global Law focuses on providing advice and assistance to U.S. clients dealing with the international market and to international clients dealing with entry into or expansion in the U.S.


McNeil Global Law is a law firm based in Minneapolis that provides general legal advice to businesses in the fields of international transactions and structures. McNeil Global Law also works with clients from abroad who wish to establish, carry on, or terminate business in or with any part of the United States. Owner and sole practitioner Mark McNeil founded the firm in 2014, after extensive experience in both corporations and law firms.


Drawing on decades of individual experience, involving both in-house and in law firm practice, McNeil Global Law offers a broad range of support for clients, including advice, negotiation, representation, ... .

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